Museums & Galleries in Nepal

Kathmandu valley is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and has well planned and well exhibited displays in museums and art galleries spread all over the Metropolitan area and also in its neighboring cities of Patan and Bhaktapur. The museums display unique artifacts and paintings from 5th century AD onwards to date, including archeological exportations of Nepal’s rare historical, cultural and religious monuments.

The Museums and galleries in Nepal are-National Museum, Natural History Museum, Hanumandhoka Palace Complex’s Tribhuvan Museum, Patan & Bhaktapur Durbar Square Museum and Mountaineering International Museum of Pokhara are the main preserved show case of the country. Travelers can observe several unique Nepalese historical, cultural and religious monuments by visiting these sites.  

Due to Nepal’s amazing socio-culture diversification it has very unique artifacts tradition which made well renown to world as one of the best human creation for its antique color paintings. Some of the most popular galleries in Nepal are given here to travelers can enjoy by seeing it. National Art Gallery, NAFA Gallery, Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery, J Art Gallery, NEF-ART (Nepal Fine Art) Gallery, Nepal Art Council Gallery are the main among of them.

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