Nepal, the tiny Himalayan country is a land locked between Asia’s two giants China and India. The country is an exciting jumble of fascinating land of ancient history, vibrant colorful culture and tolerant people. Nepal is one of the richest country in the world in term of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position, wonderful gift of nature and altitude variation.

Nepal is baptized around the world as the country of Third pole where Lord Buddha, was born about 2600 years ago, who was the founder of Buddhist Religion. Nepal is also known as home of Gurkhas, roof of the world, land of legend and beauty, the country of white coal etc. Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world lays in Nepal. Nepal is also considered as an abode of Lord Pashupatinath among the Hindus.

Nepal was concealed in mystery until the 1950's when its' borders were first opened to the outside world. Nepal has now become a very exciting travel destination among the travelers around the globe. The whole country is cradled at the base of magnificent Himalayan peaks which make it a land of fascination, a place to return again and again to visit new friends and to explore the next base camp or summit.

From the vast sweep of Himalayan Peak crowned by the roof of the world to the subtropical expanse of open countryside and jungle full of wildlife, from the rivers racing powerfully through world’s deepest cut gorges to weathered mountain deserts, and from city square brimming with fairy tale temples to the timeless simplicity remote villages untouched by accouterments of modern living, the country invites you to share in its vitality to gain precious insight into fast disappearing world and embark on truly life-enhancing journey of discovery.

With 'Namaste' a unique Himalayan greeting of Nepal, her people welcome you.

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