Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square is situated in center of Kathmandu Valley. It is also known as Lalitpur, houses the residence of the former Patan royal family. Patan Durbar Square and its surroundings are good specimen of ancient Newari architecture. It has changed little since this drawing was made in 1885 to illustrate Gustav LeBon's, Voyage au Nepal. The image on the near pillar, erected in 1693, is a gilded portrait of King Yoganarendra Malla, successor to Srinivasa for whom the Patan Museum's gilded throne was made. In devotional attitude he faces a temple consecrated to the royal tutelary deity, Taleju. Atop the far pillar, erected in 1637, the gilt sunbird Garuda makes obeisance to Krishna, a manifestation of Vishnu. The earliest extant structure on the square, a temple to Vishnu, is dated 1566, but this crossroads has been Patan's center for millennia.

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