The lure of Himalayas is irresistible for the mountaineers, as the Himalayas are the greatest range of mountains on earth, their beauty, vastness, fascination and mystery will always have an everlasting appeal for those who venture in this region.

The Himalayas, by humbling those that come to them with its magnitude and power, gratifying them with its splendor and beauty, testing their determination by glaciers and peaks, defying their spirit with their inviolate mysteries-enables man to acquire the qualities which only danger and nature in the raw can sharpen. Mountaineering accentuates and exercises the quality of self-reliance, leadership and discipline amongst adventure sports lovers.

Mountaineering in Himalaya, Himalayas Mountaineering Trip, Mountaineering Holiday in Himalaya, Getting to the Himalayas is difficult they are far away from most of the people and difficult to get go. A big obstacle is the expense. The actual time spent on the climbing is relatively a small proportion of the total time taken by the mountaineer to get to the mountain. It is an expedition with Sherpas carrying loads of equipment, such as tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils etc. Of course, costs can be reduced if equipments can be hired and one organizes climbs and tours through mountaineering clubs and societies.

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