Though not usually operated on a commercial basis, experienced International River runners who find the Himalayan white water yet another arena in which to play organizes kayaking expeditions. Several first run expeditions have earned respect for surviving hair-raising descents- A few agencies can arrange to rent kayaks on a daily basis: but most paddlers brings their own craft.

Since few year back, there has been a continual increase in the number of kayakers coming to Nepal and it is justifiably recognized as a Mecca for boating. Nowhere else will you get such long sections of consistent rapids, warm water, stunning scenery and great people to be around. We welcome and encourage paddlers on all our trips and run many trips specifically for kayakers.

Forget what you may have heard about hard expedition boating in Nepal: at the right flows these rivers are ideal for the average recreational boater and offer an outstanding kayaking holiday destination. On longer trips you get the advantage of paddling with safety kayakers who know the rivers and an empty kayak. All you have to do is paddle your heart out.

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