Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal possesses uncountable number of Himalayan peaks on the vicinity of highest mountains of the world. It’s a dream for every mountaineer to conquer these Himalayan peaks. With a view of making your dream come true Nepal has at present opened 18 of its peaks so called "Trekking Peaks" ranging from 5587m for trekking/climbing.

Climbing in Nepal Himalayas need careful pre-planning, many formalities and considerable expenses specially for those less time, experience, expertise and less budget as these preparation can be very lengthily and expensive.

Nepal offers some of really traffic place for that person who likes crawling up a vertical cliff like a jungle cat. If you don't have enough time to take a Himalayan peak during the visit, you can jump over numbers of stone walls guaranteed to keep you on your toes, so why don't try to rock climbing and get grip on things. Nagarjun hills and Shivapuri hills has some of cliffs waiting for you to be climbed, inside Kathmandu valley and Shreeban Rock Climbing Nature camp could provide you the strange enjoy of Rock Climbing outside Kathmandu, in the Hill of Siddha Lake - Dhading Nalang. You can find other more cliffs outside valley who gives real enjoy of adventure.

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