The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is exceptionally blessed with spectacular and impressive trekking & camping country where eight of the world's ten highest peaks resist. The range of sceneries, from sub-tropical jungle to the Himalayan high glacier, is as varied as the many ethnic groups and cultural heritage.

The Himalayas are not just for the mountaineers, trekkers and very experienced ice climbers. They offer a range of treks to suit all aptitudes and abilities, from a modest hike in the foothills to more challenging high altitude treks. Those who are living an active life and having good health condition may enjoy an exciting trip to the Himalayas. One can gain access to those mighty Himalayan peaks and amazing natural beauty of Nepal not only by hiking to the ancient foot trails linking the remote village community.

There are many ways to enjoy the wonders of nature gifted to the Himalayan regions of Nepal whilst sharing the warmth of its people, but perhaps camping is the best way. The lifestyle of people, the flora and fauna and the immense landscape combine in a kaleidoscope of sights and sensations that make a camping trip among the Himalayas a unique experience.

Wildlife camping is not very different from normal camping, except the wild camping doesn't get restricted to season or any adventure activity. It works as a recreational program and there isn't any age limit in this. Any one who likes to explore nature and want to learn the facts about what nature has given to us and what we can give in return, can take up this camping experience.

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